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really-static 0.3 WordPress Plugin

- Really-Static now also working on filebase. That means if you want to store the static files on the same server , like your wordpress installation there is no FTP needet.

- better Setup interface
many more…

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  1. Anonymous

    please do it!!!

    Or maybe make it work with SuperCache/CrazyCache

    I have problems with making RS work with any ftp server I could get access to. I really really hope that 0.3 is what I need!!!

    #1 Comment vom 17. October 2009 um 15:11

  2. Erik

    Please describe what at really static dont work!

    #2 Comment vom 17. October 2009 um 19:21

  3. Fritz

    das Menü sieht ja cool aus :D

    #3 Comment vom 18. October 2009 um 12:21

  4. ForestWander Nature Photography

    This looks like exactly what I need.

    My site is huge though.

    I have over 2000 nature picture posts.

    I hope this works.

    When I test it I will come back and let you know.

    If you have any suggestions please send me an email.


    #4 Comment vom 26. October 2009 um 20:21

  5. Micha

    funktioniert wunderbar,danke!

    #5 Comment vom 15. November 2009 um 01:05

  6. David Radovanovic

    My existing site was built at a subdmain and I want to leave it there and have static pages reside in the primary domain. They are both on the same server, just in different user folders (not in the same path).

    I’m having a difficult time setting the correct paths/urls in Really static configuration.

    I ran it yesterday and it acted as though it was writing the files as anticipated, though it wrote 0 bit (empty) files.

    Thanks for your help!

    #6 Comment vom 15. December 2009 um 14:28

  7. Erik

    @David Radovanovic : http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=177723978808&share_id=207032615908&comments=1#s207032615908

    #7 Comment vom 16. December 2009 um 20:21

  8. Anonymous


    #8 Comment vom 08. February 2011 um 01:36

  9. test


    #9 Comment vom 21. November 2012 um 07:49

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