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really-static 0.31 WordPress Plugin

The new version really-static 0.31 is now available.

new features:

  • SFTP support
  • its now possible to run plugins like qtranslate …

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  1. Mehdi

    I just wanted to tell you that your plugin is one of the coolest plugin I’ve ever seen, It will operate mega million visitor websites like a charm.

    I just play with it for 5 min, I will study it later, but the quick setup did everything great execpt RSS.

    It didn’t save static rss. What did I miss ?

    #1 Comment vom 12. December 2009 um 11:06

  2. Erik

    of course it support static rss :-)
    Have a look at the advanced screen! I try to write an howto :-)

    #2 Comment vom 12. December 2009 um 13:37

  3. Erik


    #3 Comment vom 12. December 2009 um 14:51

  4. Greek

    Plugin looks promising. However is a little bit complicated. For the moment, I can only generate static files, manually, one by one. But this, is not comfortable. When I try to refresh all files, I get blank screen. Perhaps I have wrong settings, I don’t know…

    #4 Comment vom 01. January 2010 um 22:03

  5. Erik

    >”When I try to refresh all files, I get blank screen”
    You pressing the “write all files” and than you see a fully blank screen ? Or are your written files all blank?

    #5 Comment vom 03. January 2010 um 02:13

  6. Greek

    I get a blank screen inside the admin area, when I press “write all files”. I mean that i can see menus of admin area, but in plugin screen area, I get a blank screen. My posts displays normally, but there is no cashed page.

    Perhaps as I said I have wrong settings.
    My WordPress installation is in a directory: http://www.pare-dose.net/blog/
    But my page uses the root’s url: http://www.pare-dose.net/

    So, at this point i am confused, what’s the normal settings and where exactly to create(?) a folder named “cache”.

    Thanks for the answer.

    #6 Comment vom 03. January 2010 um 02:34

  7. Heinrich M

    Dear Erik,

    Is there somehow a way to make your superb plugin work with (support) global translator?

    Thanks for this great plugin.

    #7 Comment vom 13. January 2010 um 16:08

  8. Erik

    “I get a blank screen inside the admin area, when I press “write all files” ”
    Thats strange! I got no idea, at the moment

    I think that shoud be quite easy! Copy every non php-file from

    #8 Comment vom 15. January 2010 um 13:11

  9. Heinrich M

    Sorry Erik, can’t follow you here, what is superb-slideshow?
    I was talking about the Global Translator plugin for WP it automaticly translates your blog into 48 languages.

    #9 Comment vom 16. January 2010 um 05:18

  10. Erik

    ohh, i see … my fault!
    I tryed Global Translator and its the same configuration as qtranslate.


    #10 Comment vom 21. January 2010 um 19:02

  11. Drew

    I’m getting 0kb files… I must have something wrong in the settings?

    Could you give an example of what to use for the different settings?

    #11 Comment vom 25. January 2010 um 15:59

  12. Denis

    Fileversion: March 01 2010 / 21:53:16
    Relaseid: 0.312
    Language: ru_RU
    ks1: 515cc4c3bd73af643dbdc3d3d0baeb9e
    ks2: 6706078a29d98b06053b530bbfd801ae

    1) I just get 0-Byte files ТОЛЬКО в categories и tag, post кэшируются нормально
    2) если я испольую директорию для статических страниц, то статические страницы не отражаются (не используются). вордпресс использует mysql and php

    #12 Comment vom 06. March 2010 um 21:20

  13. Denis

    Fileversion: March 01 2010 / 21:53:16
    Relaseid: 0.312
    Language: ru_RU
    ks1: 515cc4c3bd73af643dbdc3d3d0baeb9e
    ks2: 6706078a29d98b06053b530bbfd801ae

    1) I just get 0-Byte files ONLY in categories and tag, post cached normally
    2) If I use a directory for static pages, static pages are not recognized (not used). WordPress uses mysql and php

    #13 Comment vom 06. March 2010 um 21:21

  14. Erik

    Hey Denis,
    please send me your log.html file from the really-static folder (Emailaddress: http://erik.sefkow.net/impressum.html )

    #14 Comment vom 08. March 2010 um 02:01

  15. D

    Hello Erik,

    Please fix path detection in admin script
    this don’t work properly with renamed folder (ie for security reason)
    You can use something like
    __FILE__ or dirname(__FILE__)

    Thank you.

    #15 Comment vom 20. March 2010 um 14:35

  16. Michael


    it will be really cool, if it is possible to copy the theme-files over Really Static. It can be an own button which i have to push manually.



    #16 Comment vom 28. March 2010 um 22:13

  17. CyberMax

    I hope this plugin now compatible up to new WordPress 3.0.1. And will further improvez.

    #17 Comment vom 04. August 2010 um 00:03

  18. misiek303

    sftp not working.

    Im no able to create the directory /htdocs/1282318488test.txt! Please check writings rights!

    In line sftp.php :69 I changed
    $dir=split(“/”, $ziel)
    $dir=split(“/”, ‘/yellow’)

    and it saved yellow folder but error still show up, so its not permissins only bug in the code.

    in real-static/static there is no 1282318488test.txt file just empty test.txt

    This plugin would be awesome, I need sftp, could you look at that please ?

    #18 Comment vom 20. August 2010 um 17:39

  19. misiek303

    oh and the log file :

    20 Aug 2010 10:16:57: Getting a error (timeout or 404 or 500 ) while loading: http://www.maugustyniak.com/wp-content/plugins/really-static/static/1282317416test.txt

    that’s it

    #19 Comment vom 20. August 2010 um 17:53

  20. MDB

    Hi there I would like to know how I use really static to generate the static files using the post title as the filename and ending in a .html extension.

    At the moment its working but every post/page gets put in its own dir with an index.html file.


    #20 Comment vom 27. August 2010 um 08:40

  21. dcasasf


    #21 Comment vom 11. October 2010 um 11:45

  22. Anatolii

    Thanks for the plugin.
    But I have a question: plugin adds to the end of the link (. html), that is to say he changed all references of indexed pages, as this will affect the issuance of the search engines (Google, yahoo, etc)?
    I have a site and I used the wp-super-quality, but a couple of days ago site is bad worked very often got internal server error.After as I turn it off wp-super-quality site works good.I have this site already 1 year I do not want him to fall from the search engines because of the change termination of links.

    #22 Comment vom 12. October 2010 um 15:56

  23. Erdogan

    nice Plugin, thanks!

    #23 Comment vom 24. December 2010 um 22:58

  24. mike

    Hi, I am wondering how to enable the comment function? I install the wordpress at http://installhere.thetestdomain.com, and publish the files to http://thetestdomain.com, but it seems that the comment function is not working. I don’t want to use the Disqus Comment Plugin, because it makes the pages load slowly.
    Any way I can enable the comment function?

    #24 Comment vom 15. January 2011 um 15:28

  25. Erik

    @mike normaly the commentfunction should work by default, please send me a debugreport so i can check settings e.g.

    #25 Comment vom 15. January 2011 um 15:53

  26. Dan

    Hi Erik,
    I am missing something, I have got Really_static on MAMP locally on my Mac with WP installed latest version.
    I configured the plugin and it puts static files in the static folder of the plugin, however when I open ant of these I get a page with the correct text but none of the theme information, images, etc. I have not messed with the settings at all, what am I doing wrong?

    #26 Comment vom 26. January 2011 um 17:42

  27. Allstar

    @Dan, I have the same problem, but if you copy the theme folder(s) from the original WordPress installation to your static folder manually, it will work…
    You will only have to do this once, because updating/publishing your site will only add and/or overwrite files, and will not remove any… (even if you choose to reset and manually publish all the files again).

    @Erik, I hope this is right?

    #27 Comment vom 16. February 2011 um 13:30

  28. Daclay

    Hello Erik, thanks for the plugin, I’m using it on several sites on my multisite WP installation. One problem is that when using the


    tag to create a page break within the page, only the first page is made static, while the others are not. I would be really glad if you could fix this bug, otherwise I’ll have to have really long articles with no page break.

    #28 Comment vom 17. February 2011 um 00:58

  29. Daclay

    Sorry, the code should be:


    #29 Comment vom 17. February 2011 um 01:00

  30. Erik

    @Daclay: currently i working on a new version of really-static, and there nextpage is working perfectly.

    #30 Comment vom 21. February 2011 um 22:20

  31. Daclay

    Great, looking forward to it. Thanks for your work. When the next version appears with nextpage working, I’ll send you a donation.

    #31 Comment vom 25. February 2011 um 12:07

  32. Daclay

    How’s progress going on the new version of really-static? Do you know when it is likely to be ready? Is there a possibility of getting a beta version? Thanks

    #32 Comment vom 24. March 2011 um 11:20

  33. Alexandr

    Hello Erik,
    Good job.
    I have here a question: how to make so that when I add a posts all pages are refresh.
    When I add in options -advanced – Get /page/2 ..page/3…..page/4….page/5… etc there are update, but if I have 200 pages or more? Maybe are something to automatically updated when you add a post, all the pages and category pages are refresh?
    Thank you for the plugin.

    #33 Comment vom 07. April 2011 um 23:56

  34. création de sites internet annecy


    Shame on me…Is there a tutorial somewhere ? I try to use this plugin but I can’t make it work :-(

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    #34 Comment vom 19. April 2011 um 13:22

  35. Anonymous

    thanks, work as mentioned

    #35 Comment vom 16. May 2011 um 00:50

  36. монтаж металлоконструкций

    Солодкий веб-сайт, я не зустрічав blog.angelsfromabroad.com раніше в мої пошуки! Carry на фантастичну роботу!

    #36 Comment vom 18. August 2011 um 20:05

  37. Warong


    Thank you for your Really Static 0.31. This Plug-In helps my works many times.

    However, I have found problems when using Really Static with qTranslate.

    I have added en/%postname% on the Advanced page as you suggested already. Then, when I put the secondary language in Posts. the Really Static generates static html correctly. But when I try to put the secondary content on the Pages. It seems like The Really Static dose not generate the HTML for the secondary language :(

    What should I do next?

    Thank you,

    #37 Comment vom 31. August 2011 um 06:58

  38. Daclay

    Is there a possibility of adding a prompt for the password so that the password is not stored in WordPress, but has to be entered each time Really Static runs?

    #38 Comment vom 14. October 2011 um 11:34

  39. Eric

    I can’t generate single article page. why?

    #39 Comment vom 01. December 2011 um 10:08

  40. Daclay

    I tried to password protect my WP development site using a .htpasswd and .htaccess file, but then the static files were not being produced. I tried installing a password protect plugin to WP but then really static produced password protected static files. Is there any solution to this problem? My aim: to keep the dynamic files hidden from the public and to have “Really Static” turn them into static files which are accessible for all.

    Many thanks,
    (by the way, are you still developing this plugin? You haven’t responded to any of the questions on this blog recently.)

    #40 Comment vom 30. January 2012 um 12:06

  41. Matt


    Only for the generating static files, just add the following lines to the .htaccess file:

    ### .htaccess start

    ### first lines before auth

    ### switch on/off by add/remove #
    Deny from all
    Allow from Your_Computer_IP_Address
    Allow from Your_Server_IP_Address

    ### normal passwd auth
    AuthName “Your message”
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile “/home/domain/X”
    Require valid-user

    ### .htaccess end

    Your_Server_IP_Address is:

    This isn’t a short way, but is still working. :)

    #41 Comment vom 16. June 2012 um 13:30

  42. Matt

    Your_Server_IP_Address is:



    #42 Comment vom 16. June 2012 um 13:40

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