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Really-static 0.42

I looking for some Beta tester for the plugin Really-static. If you interested and already running really-static please send me a email.

Do you have ideas or wishes for the next version of really-static?

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  1. Maik


    #1 Comment vom 22. May 2011 um 21:59

  2. Anonymous

    hab dir ne Mail geschickt!

    #2 Comment vom 23. May 2011 um 14:08

  3. Anonymous


    #3 Comment vom 23. May 2011 um 15:15

  4. sfbgB


    #4 Comment vom 31. May 2011 um 19:16

  5. Robbie

    Hi, yes i have an idea..

    Actually i am just testing some solutions which are doing the following things:
    Local wp full backup copy to the cloud (dropbox) then
    import from dropbox to the www site.

    Its like a every half-day snapshot backup..

    Can you combine this feature with really static? It means that all the dynamic pages of wordpress are on my localmachines, snapshot copies are in dropbox (or other cloud) static www content on site.. :)

    #5 Comment vom 09. July 2011 um 06:01

  6. Giorgio

    Hi Erik,

    I am using Really Static 0.31 but I have some problem with a blog of mine (only one, not the other). I think it may be due to the way permalinks are handled:

    1. All the posts would be saved as 0 byte files. To fix this I had to remove few lines from your main.php files.
    ( all the four lines before return in the function called really_static_geturl )

    2. I have problems with categories. The plugin does not work with any URL which does not end with a back slash. So, http://URL/5/10 will not work while http://URL/5/10/ will work.

    3. I made an Italian translation of the .po file. Feel free to write me an email and I will send it to you.


    #6 Comment vom 20. July 2011 um 16:41

  7. Richard

    Just moving my blog from MovableType to WordPress and I’m looking for the power and speed of WordPress but with the security of MovableType, and for me that means providing static files.

    How about developing the plugin so that whenever a page is update it is written as a static file but while WordPress is active it offers up the dynamic version of the page over the static?

    That would mean people could use all the dynamic features of comments, etc. but if the core fails there’s a last saved static back up.

    #7 Comment vom 23. July 2011 um 14:37

  8. Werner

    Gibt’s irgendwas neues von dem Plugin?
    (Gibt’s sowas wie eine Roadmap?)

    #8 Comment vom 02. August 2011 um 21:24

  9. tianyi

    Hi, eriksef, Thanks for providing this plugin. However I am not in trouble of using it.
    My wordpress: blog.example.com;
    Static site: http://www.example.com;
    working on local filesystem;
    My external path to blog.example.com is :

    Then how to set:
    “url path to the actuall used templatefolder”
    “internal filepath from to cachedfiles”
    “Domainprefix for your cached files”
    “Url to the templatefolder”

    Many many many thanks!

    #9 Comment vom 05. August 2011 um 09:40

  10. Chris

    Hi Erik, das PlugIn ist einfach genial. So was habe ich schon lange gesucht.
    Was ich abe nicht hinbekomme, sind Bilder im Post. Diese werden nicht auf die neue Domain übertragen. Es werden zwar die BildURLs umgeschrieben, aber die Bilddateien sind auf dem Zielserver nicht zu finden.

    Wo kann denn der Fehler liegen? Ich suche nun wirklich schon lange nach einer Lösung.


    #10 Comment vom 08. September 2011 um 17:29

  11. az

    is it possible to set destination to local filesystem but in password protected folder (basic authentication)?

    #11 Comment vom 22. November 2011 um 22:10

  12. eric

    I can’t make articles static, what’s the reason for that? Thank you very much!

    #12 Comment vom 11. December 2011 um 12:06

  13. Emiliano

    HI! Big congrats on this plugin. I am willing to test this out on my test-server.

    A couple of questions. I depend big on W3TC. For minifying (I use YUI for CSS and JS), Page Cache and Object Cache I use APC.

    Those 2 configured to work on nginx.

    Having said that, there is any tip of advice, configuration or anything should I know before start the testing.

    Thanks! and Happy New YEAR!

    #13 Comment vom 29. December 2011 um 18:09

  14. Anonymous


    #14 Comment vom 24. January 2012 um 21:06

  15. Szépe Viktor

    1) Please issue a warning about copying the stylesheet files and the script files like /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js
    Thank You!

    #15 Comment vom 04. February 2012 um 14:01

  16. Erik

    If you don’t want to copy static files, please aktivate “Don’t copy any linked file to the static file folder, just the static WordPressfiles”

    #16 Comment vom 04. February 2012 um 14:12

  17. Радик


    #17 Comment vom 13. February 2012 um 20:38

  18. test me

    this is a test comment.

    #18 Comment vom 27. May 2012 um 08:41

  19. Frost

    YOu could implement a wildcard on advanced tab.

    #19 Comment vom 21. June 2012 um 17:56

  20. Erik

    thanks, nice ideas

    #20 Comment vom 23. June 2012 um 17:16

  21. Unirow

    Hi, I’m trying to implement this at my site because it recently got lots of visitors and the server seems unable to hold it again in few weeks later. I have used the CDN but it didn’t help. The site is using lots of dynamic contents. Is it possible to reduce the Database query and CPU usage also page generation time by using your plugin?
    I have tested it in my test site and it seems working but I’m afraid it might be producing errors in active site.

    #21 Comment vom 13. July 2012 um 22:48

  22. Erik

    Of course, because a page only once is generated

    #22 Comment vom 15. July 2012 um 17:13

  23. Bob

    Any chance to get an updated version ?

    #23 Comment vom 17. September 2012 um 14:36

  24. Erik

    look here:

    #24 Comment vom 17. September 2012 um 17:39

  25. Gabi


    #25 Comment vom 13. October 2012 um 21:04

  26. Ferienwohnung

    danke für das plugin

    #26 Comment vom 11. November 2012 um 13:13

  27. Wahyu

    Nice plugin, thanks for information..

    #27 Comment vom 03. January 2013 um 01:53

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