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Counter Plugin / Widget für WordPress

Hier ein nagelneues WordPress Plugin / Widget. Getestet bis WordPress 2.5.


  • Archiv entpacken
  • Den Ordner instantcounter in das Plugin-Verzeichnis hochladen
  • Das Plugin im Dashboard aktivieren
  • Das neue Widget »InstantCounter« so in die Sidebar schieben, wie man es gerade haben möchte
  • Eventuell noch die Widget-Optionen ein bisschen bearbeiten

– vorgefertugte Designs
– Pfad zum eigenen Designset kann festgelegt werden
– frei wählbare Reloadspeere


Counter Plugin/Widget

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Counter Plugin / Widget für WordPress ist Beitrag Nr. 67
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  1. Eivindr

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpweltsozial_get_url() in plugins/counter/instantcounter.php on line 178

    #1 Comment vom 27. April 2008 um 17:56

  2. Erik

    thx, it’s now fixed

    #2 Comment vom 27. April 2008 um 18:36

  3. Ian

    If I don’t go to my widget interface

    #3 Comment vom 30. June 2008 um 23:33

  4. Ian

    What do I call to function in “sidebar.php”?
    for example:
    sorry for my poor English.

    #4 Comment vom 30. June 2008 um 23:41

  5. Ian

    for example: <?php conuter(); ?>

    #5 Comment vom 30. June 2008 um 23:42

  6. dianevh


    The counter is stuck on 2… ! I have tried with another browser, and two other computers, logged in and unlogged…and still, even after 7 visits, it still says 2…
    Any idea ? Otherwise it was very simple and easygoing to install.
    ps: I’m on Mu, can that cause the problem ? I’ve put it in the normal plugin folder though.

    thanks !

    #6 Comment vom 25. July 2008 um 10:17

  7. Kylie


    Is it possible to modify the counter that it starts with e.g. 3089 instead of 1 visits?

    This would help me pretty much!


    #7 Comment vom 08. January 2009 um 15:56

  8. Fiorela

    my counter too is stuck!! change browser, computer but nothing..

    Is the problem mine?


    #8 Comment vom 25. May 2009 um 20:52

  9. Norbert

    It’s possible to start the counter with i.e 1989 and not with 1 or 338?

    #9 Comment vom 12. October 2009 um 12:13

  10. Hugo Hugo

    This is a small test to figure out how this plugin handles the dynamic part of a blog. Might be interesting to see what happens (e.g. redirect back to the static page!?) – Think this will fail and stay on the dynamic page part – but we’ll see.

    #10 Comment vom 23. October 2009 um 10:50

  11. Vladeta

    I’d also like to know how to integrate widget into sidebar.php and how to start counting from some number (not 1). Or even, how to multiply values. :)


    #11 Comment vom 02. November 2009 um 09:05

  12. Michael

    hi is there a possibility to call the counter directly from a post or php code e.g in the footer of the template ??

    #12 Comment vom 15. February 2010 um 14:54

  13. fabsn

    How do I use the ‘Eigenes Design (siehe Pfad)’ – funtion? I would like to customize the Counter Design, matching to the rest of my sidebar.
    And also the question…How do I start with a different number than 1?

    Thakns for helping.

    #13 Comment vom 08. March 2010 um 11:05

  14. gevv


    problem Fatal error: Call to undefined function conuter() in

    <?php conuter(); ?> not work

    #14 Comment vom 27. March 2010 um 22:39

  15. Anonymous

    come to see how static pages work

    #15 Comment vom 06. April 2010 um 10:27

  16. colognegirl

    Hallo, der Counter funktionierte bis gestern einwandfrei, Seit heute 1. 10. 2010 wird die Besucherzahl nicht mehr angezeigt und auch die Statistik nicht mehr geführt.
    Kannst du einen Tipp geben?

    #16 Comment vom 01. October 2010 um 15:08

  17. i3ant0n


    I found your plugin caused a serious error on a WordPress site I look after. Thought I best let you know if it is important to you.

    Removing your plugin, fixed the site.

    See above link for more details (sorry I don’t speak german)

    #17 Comment vom 16. December 2010 um 21:38

  18. Anonymous

    Hi, where can I get this counter with included random generator? I saw it on such a student-website…
    Thx :-)

    #18 Comment vom 09. January 2011 um 14:42

  19. marius

    How can I hide counter from visitors, on my web page?

    PS:Great script

    #19 Comment vom 02. July 2011 um 18:05

  20. Raven2099

    Download links are down…

    #20 Comment vom 04. July 2011 um 04:13

  21. Thilo

    Hi Erik,

    i worked with your counter plugin before and like it a lot!!! So what i figured out is, its not working anymore with DE-Wordpress version 3.3.2.

    Have you got any Ideas why, and/or could you fix this?

    Thank you a lot man…

    #21 Comment vom 07. June 2012 um 23:37

  22. Ni

    Hallo Erik,

    ich möchte gern die Zahlen des Counters in einer anderen Schriftart und Schriftstärke haben. Wie genau mache ich das? Innerhalb des Widgets kann man ja einen Dateipfad angeben, wo sich der Counter die Bilder herholt. Wie muss diese Bilddatei aussehen? Was muss da drin sein? Braucht jede Zahl eine eigene Datei?

    #22 Comment vom 16. September 2015 um 10:29

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