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Really-static 0.52

- same prefix for all options
- more information while complete cache rebuild
- Accoring to this wish deletet post, are also deletet from the static page
- Branco, Slovak translation (WebHostingGeeks.com)
- Tai Japanese translation ( http://really-static-support.php-welt.net/japanese-language-t62.html )

download the newes development snapshot (not yet available on wordpress.org ) : http://betatest:betatest@www.php-welt.net/really-static/download/data/beta/php-really-static-main.zip

How-to make Rss files static

Make the settings without rewriting the filename: (more…)

really-static 0.31 WordPress Plugin

The new version really-static 0.31 is now available.

new features:

  • SFTP support
  • its now possible to run plugins like qtranslate …

WordPress ohne PHP und ohne Datenbank benutzen

PHP Unterstützung auf einem Webserver kostet meisst ungleich mehr als nur der reine Webspace. Ohne PHP und Datenbank ist WordPress jedoch nicht lauffähig. Theoretisch! Praktisch schon! Sie installieren auf ihrem Rechner zuhause einfach ein Programm wie XAMPP oder Uniformserver. Dann wird dort noch WordPress und Really-Static installiert. Nun muss Really-Static nur noch so konfiguriert werden, das es die statischen Dateien via FTP oder SFTP auf den Server im Internet lädt.

using qtranslate e.g. while using really static

For example you use qtranslate like the creator of this plugin and it creates folowing urls:



Natively really static just make the firstfile static. To tell really static to also make static the second url, follow this instructions:
Go to the advancedsettings screen of really static and insert into the first inputfield “de/%postname%”. Than select “everytime a post is createt/edit/deleted” and save.

really-static 0.3 WordPress Plugin

- Really-Static now also working on filebase. That means if you want to store the static files on the same server , like your wordpress installation there is no FTP needet.

- better Setup interface
many more…

Google Smart Map 0.9 – WordPress Plugin


really static – wordpressplugin

If you got any problems or ideas with the “really static” plugin please post them at the comments! This WordPressblog actuell uses this Plugin :-)

Status what works (testet):

create/delete Comments

create new blog entrys

Google Smart Map – WordPress Plugin

Mehr Infos und Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-map/
[googleMap]Width|Height|Zoom|control Type|show Type|Location info|Descripton[/googleMap]

Width: size in pixel
Heigth: size in pixel
Zoom: 0 = World …. 15 Street Zommlevel
control Type: 0 dont show the zoomcontroll, 1 show it
show Type: 1= show the buttons to change to the satelite,0=dont show it
Location info: your location info for example: Wall Street, New York
Descripton: your description of this point… for example: The New York Stock Exchange

Please use new version: here

WordPress und lighttpd

Wer auf seinem Server lighttpd anstatt Apache installiert hat muss bei der installation von WordPress folgende änderung an der Konfigurationsdatei ( /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf ) vornehmen:

url.rewrite = (
    "^/(wp-admin/|wp-content/|wp-includes/|wp-login\.php|xmlrpc\.php|robots\.txt|sitemap\.xml|wp-).*" => "$0",
    "^" => "index.php"